Complete Home Remodeling in San Jose

We will build your dream home with all of these- Quality, Reliability, Affordability and Trustworthiness. Our specialty lies in remodeling and luxury home renovations. We will take care of all the building plans.


Complete Remodeling

Our design will include all aspects of your project. Direct Home Remodelbuildsuild and designs homes in the San Jose area.


Kitchen Remodeling

The ability to modernize your kitchen is now at the palm of your hands. It’s easier than ever, especially if you’re living in the San Jose region. We can do both small and big projects.


Bathroom Remodeling

Choose from among our award-winning designs or come up with your very own one-of-a-kind bathroom idea. Remodel your bathroom to your dream one without the hassles attached.


Room Additions

Add a new room without disturbing the styling element of your home. You can be the envy of all when you build a new room complete with customized designs.


Windows & Doors

Contact us for all your needs. With just a few changes, you can make your home look and feel brand new.


Roofing Services

Our specialists will work with you on a roof you deserve. We will make your house look great in the San Jose backdrop.

Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose

is the leading kitchen and company in San Jose and the surrounding areas. For many years that we have been offering kitchen and services, we have satisfied a huge number of clients a factor that has helped us build a great reputation. Over the years that we have been in the kitchen and business, we have managed to complete numerous projects such as kitchen and bathroom expansion, renovation and redesign.

Your kitchen is the heart your home thus you need to ensure that it is properly designed to create enough space for full functionality as well as making it look inviting and comfortable. Whether you are looking for industrial, contemporary or modern kitchen, our design team will work with you to ensure that your needs have been met. We start by getting your ideas then create a 3-D model so that you can have a crystal clear vision of how your new kitchen will look like. Kitchen remodeling San Jose may seem to be easy at the planning stage, but things turn to be different when the actual work starts that why you need to ensure that you have hired highly qualified and experienced professionals to work on your project.

Complete Remodeling in San Jose

At we value your time and respect your home thus will ensure that we have handled your remodeling project with a high degree of professionalism. Our experts always work non-stop to ensure that your renovation project has been completed on time. We also clean up the working area at the end of each day to ensure it is always tidy. We understand the value of a well-done job thus our remodeling experts will work closely with you from advising, planning and designing all the way to completion to ensure that you have been fully satisfied.

in San Jose

We also offer services in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Almost each and every person starts his or her day by visiting the bathroom. The bathroom plays a vital role in every home since it where you go to relax and refresh. No matter your budget we will do our best to turn your dreams into a reality. Whether you are looking for minor adjustments or the entire bathroom transformation we will redesign your bathroom to ensure that it meets your needs.

For every project that we handle, we always ensure that we use high-quality materials while keeping the costs at a minimum. We are always updated on the trending styles and designs and pricing as well. We also offer a warranty on any project that we work on to guarantee you high-quality results as agreed. All our projects are handled by professionals who are closely supervised by an experienced project manager to ensure that all aspects of your project have been addressed.

Other than remodeling we also offer other wide range of services including masonry, painting, and additions. understands that clients are always looking for something new in their new kitchen or bathroom and we are always committed to ensuring that your specific requirements have been met. If you need to transform your San Jose kitchen or bathroom and give it a striking appearance or create more space to improve its functionality contact us and we will be happy to help you out.


. is the only remodeling company I haven’t had a bad experience with. I knew they were special the moment I started working with Tim. Communication was constant and they told me all the project details I wanted to know. All inspections passed with flying colors. Now our kitchen and bathroom simply looks magnificent!

Julia M.,

Not that I’m only happy with the company… I Love the products that they supply I’m using the same products in my house as well, Love the service as a customer that use their workers and products.. In general, we need to understand that construction is a messy job that always requires attention patience and time if you will combine in between all, you would always get perfect results… They might not be the cheapest but compared to others they’re inexpensive and I rather pay more for a good quality.

Ilan S.,

Direct Home Remodeling, Inc. Seeks an In-house Legal Advisor in San Jose, CA. Email Resume to info@directhomeremodelinginc.com